Sunday, September 9, 2007


Welcome World of Solitaire players!

I decided to create this blog in order to better communicate to all of you about changes that may be made to the game.
I plan to continue updating the change log, however I thought that a blog would allow me to be more descriptive about larger changes and would give you players the opportunity to comment on them.

I launched World of Solitaire about 3 weeks ago, around August 18th 2007.
Since launching over 63,000 unique users have visited World of Solitaire and 400 have registered.

I hope everyone is enjoying playing!


vilebender said...

Great job! At last I can play on any platform the same good-looking game. No more ugly Windows XP solitaire. Big thanks for this.

Anonymous said...


Very nice work! I love the site and appreciate its elegant simplicity.

I've found a possible bug: especially when playing a number of games in a row, the initial card deals seem to become not very random. Play 4 or 5 games in a row, and you'll notice that there will be maybe 2 pairs showing after the initial deal, and/or several side-by-side pairs will appear in the deck.

But all in all, the site is excellent. Thank you!

Andrea (chalkhillblue) said...

Hey Robert,

I am loving your games even more than ever, and you seem to have ironed out that firefox issue - thanks!

Pete said...

Hi Robert - good idea about the blog!

I like the addition of leaderboards to the statistics :) It's good to have something to aim for, and it also lets you know who else is interested in the same games as yourself.

It's a great site all in all - I've not been back to Kongregate since WoS hit Digg!


Marcus said...

I love the game but can you make some more decks?

Robert said...


A new deck is coming soon!

Stay tuned!

Joshua said...


the site's heaps good, i waste so much time playing pyramid solitaire.

Anyway, i have tried to register numerous times and can't. it keeps saying that i have an invalid user ID, even though it's longer than 3 letters, and i have tried multiple variations of letters, numbers, symbols etc, to no avail. any help?

Robert said...


That's weird...

Do you have cookies enabled? They are needed to register.

What browser under what operating system?

Feel free to e-mail me at to further troubleshoot the problem.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for making my favorite solitaire game available to me.

I seem to be having a problem with Montana solitaire. The other version that I've played would set up a new screen when I ran out of moves; keeping the deuces and any other cards that were in the proper place. When I run out of moves on your version, I don't seem to have any place to go.

Any suggestions.

Robert said...


In Montana, when you are out of moves, just click the lonely card border that is furthest down.
The one that is all alone at the bottom center of the screen.
You can click it twice.

Sorry that it's not very evident, I have on my To-Do list to make it show a little 'Refresh' icon so users know what it is :)

Anonymous said...

Why in the statistic the top turn 3 players were 100-116 and 5 min later there was one with over 500?

Robert said...


I've checked out mrsolitaire's record, he's been playing a lot evenly spaced over the past few weeks winning over 500 times.

It's possible for someone to play without a username for days and statstics are still kept for that user they just do not show up in the lists until they register.

So if you visit the site without a username, win 600 times, you won't appear on the leaderboard until you register a username. When you do register a username you don't lose your statisics.

So that's how come people can 'all of a sudden' show up on the list.