Sunday, September 16, 2007

New Deck and Updated Card Graphics

World of Solitaire's first custom made hand-drawn deck is now live!

Call the 'Majestic' deck, players should see it under the 'Deck' menu.

Here is some of the beautiful art of this deck:

I hope you all enjoy the new deck!

In addition to the new deck I've enhanced all the decks to support some icons that will help clarify what all the 'bases/foundations' are for the different games.

Now foundations where you can build upon have this image:

If a stack base allows you to click to 'redeal' cards you will see this image:

Once you have exhausted the number of deals your allowed for that particular game the redeal icon will change into:

I hope these new icons will make what the different stacks in the game do a bit more apparent players who are new to that particular game.

I've also fixed several bugs that folks have let me know about! Thank you very much everyone for your comments and e-mails!

I hope you continue to enjoy playing :)


Charles said...

The new deck is amazing. I love the artwork!

And the addition of the icons to the various empty piles is a considerable help. World of Solitaire just keeps getting better and better.

Pete said...

Charles said...
World of Solitaire just keeps getting better and better.

Doesn't it just! I must admit to still being totally addicted, still :)

Robert said...

Thank you both for your comments. Without user feedback, I wouldn't have much motivation to continue to improve the site.

Thanks again, I hope you continue to enjoy playing :)

Sapphirekatgirl said...

The last card deck animation was gorgeous. I love the purple and pink especially. Keep up the the beautiful work.