Monday, September 24, 2007

1 Million Hands Dealt!

Last night at 7:38PM CDT time, World of Solitaire dealt it's 1 MILLIONTH hand!

The user who was dealt the 1 millionth hand was an anonymous user, User #50,758

The server move is pretty much complete at this point and the site should respond better during peak use times.

My plans for the site over the next few weeks/months is to add more and more game variations while continuing to fix bugs that are reported.

I'd like to thank everyone who plays for help making the site a success! I am glad that you are all enjoying playing and I hope you continue to have fun :)


Anonymous said...

I was told the underlying technology behind "World of Solitaire" is AJAX. Is that true? Where can I find info on the technologies used to create the site.

Robert said...


Several technologies are used to create the site.
AJAX itself is usually used to cover the asynchronous communication between the browser and the web server to update things on the page without the page being refreshed.
This is used in World of Solitaire for logging in, registering, recording and statistics and a few other things.
The rest of World of Solitaire is just JavaScript utilizing the Yahoo UI JavaScript library for several things.

I gave an interview about the site and I talk about a lot of the technologies behind the site over here: Yahoo UI - Implementation Focus - World of Solitaire - Interview

Shyam said...

I am pleasently addicted to your World of Solitaire. said...

Great site. There is a type of solitaire that a neighbor taught me years ago. I have never seen it anywhere and I don't know what it is called. If I describe it, could you help me identify it? Or is there a place online to do so?

Robert said...


I hope your addiction gives you pleasure!!


Yup. If you describe it to me I can track it down for you. As many details as you can remember. You can describe it here or e-mail me at said...

The game is played one card at a time and is not suit sensitive. You lay out a top row Ace,Two,Three,Four and a much lower parallel row of kings. Then you start dealing the remaining cards one at a time. The goal is to create descending lines as follows. From the ace; two, three, four, five etc. through King. From the two; four, six, eight, ten, etc. through King. From the three; six, nine, queen, two etc. through King. From the four; eight,queen, three, seven etc. through King. You use the row of kings as storage, but can only remove one card at a time; you can't move stacks.