Sunday, March 22, 2015

New Victory Images!

Greetings everyone!

Since August 19, 2007, World of Solitaire has shown the following picture when you win:

Being over 7 years old, that image is looking pretty dated!

It's time for something new!

Over the past several months I have been working with over 20 artists. Each artist has created one or more 'Victory' images for World of Solitaire.

Now when you win, you will be shown a random victory image. There are 24 different victory images and some of them appear less often than others. Some are quite rare indeed!

If you do not want to see the new victory images, simply go to the 'Options' menu at the top and select 'Classic Victory Image'. Starting after your next deal, any future wins will show the classic victory image above instead of the new ones.

I hope everyone enjoys the new victory images and I hope everyone has a lot of fun! :)

Monday, May 19, 2014

Tutorial Videos

Hello everyone!

Wanted to let everyone know that I have added tutorial videos for each game.

This should make it a LOT easier to learn new solitaire games.

There are three ways you can watch the videos:

  1. In 'Solitaire->Select Game...' click on the game preview image that shows on the right hand side when selecting a game
  2. While playing a game, click on the blue question mark at the top right corner and then click on the image at the top
  3. Directly on YouTube:
I hope you find the videos useful and I hope you all continue to have fun playing :)

Monday, March 24, 2014

3 BILLION hands dealt! New game! New deck!

Some time yesterday the 3 billionth hand of solitaire was dealt! WOW!

To celebrate, a few minutes ago I added a new game to the site: Australian Patience.

Yesterday I added a new feature for Canfield, Royal Parade and Bear River. The 'hover' information at the bottom left will now show you which card to play next. This should be helpful as it can be easy to forget which cards comes next in those games.

I forgot to mention it before, but earlier this month I added a new deck: Elements

I truly hope everyone is having fun playing :)

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Touch support! iPad, Android, Surface!

Greetings everyone!

World of Solitaire now works on touch devices!

This includes iPad, iPhone, Android, Surface and other touch enabled tablets and phones.

Sorry about it being so long since my last update. Life has been pretty busy for me these past few years. I hope everyone is having fun playing and I hope you all continue to have fun :)

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Updates complete!

So yesterday on Christmas Eve I put live all the fixes and updates I have been working on for the past several weeks. These fixes and updates are all 'behind the scenes' and the games themselves have remain unchanged.

My motivation behind these changes were fix a growing problem over the past several months, the fact that sometimes statistics were not being recorded correctly. This should now be fixed.

The 'Timeline' part of the statistics is gone and likely not to return. It wasn't all that informative and I think I can use this part of the screen to put more interesting statistics and data. If anyone has any suggestions as to what should go in this area, please feel free to either comment or e-mail me your ideas to

The 'Largest Size' card option was missing for a day or so, but I have restored this option. The site was defaulting to 'Auto Play Obvious' for new visitors, which upset a few people so I've changed this it to default to 'Auto Play When Won' for new visitors instead. Remember, you can always set it to 'Do Not Auto Play' if you don't want any auto playing and this option will be saved.

I hope everyone is having a great holiday :)

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Fixing Statistics - Update

Hello everyone!

Some folks had asked for an update on my progress on fixing the statistics problems.

I'm delighted to say that I'm about half way done. I've got the new system all designed and about half the code is written.
Progress should proceed at a faster pace now now and I *hope* to be finished around the end of this year.

I'll be ordering two new servers tonight which end up being the future home for World of Solitaire. These machines will be much more powerful than the current ones and combined with the new code and system design there should be no more statistics problems once they finally go live some time early next year.

In the mean time I hope everyone has a kick butt holiday season :)

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Fixing Statistics Problems - Work has begun!

Several months ago I posted about how I hoped that some changes I made would fix the statistic recording problems on World of Solitaire.

Sadly it has not.

I wanted to let everyone know that I haven't forgot about the problems.

In fact, I have a solution that I am actively developing.

It will take the next several weeks for me to finish developing the solution and test it thoroughly.

This solution should fix the problems once and for all :)

I do not know if the solution will 'repair' any previously missed statistics or not but it will certainly ensure that all future statistics recording will work correctly.

I will post again when I'm closer to the date that the changes will go live.

In the mean time, I hope you all can continue to enjoy playing the games :)