Monday, May 19, 2014

Tutorial Videos

Hello everyone!

Wanted to let everyone know that I have added tutorial videos for each game.

This should make it a LOT easier to learn new solitaire games.

There are three ways you can watch the videos:

  1. In 'Solitaire->Select Game...' click on the game preview image that shows on the right hand side when selecting a game
  2. While playing a game, click on the blue question mark at the top right corner and then click on the image at the top
  3. Directly on YouTube:
I hope you find the videos useful and I hope you all continue to have fun playing :)


Anonymous said...

Brilliant helpful. Many thanks

Barbara Baskin said...

Robert, that is soooo great! Now, I can play games I didn't understand how to play! :D

Robert said...


Anonymous said...

For the last three or four days, when I go to the site I get a couple of graphics but mostly a plain white screen. Did something change? I miss it!

Anonymous said...

It's back and I'm glad!

Roger Keeling said...

Robert, your solitaire site (IMHO) is far and away the best one on the internet. Bravo! And thank you. The tutorials are a marvelous addition.

Something strange has been happening lately, and I suspect it's due to a change in Firefox, not anything you did. I'll decide to play a hand of solitaire, and then somewhere in the middle of it the window will just vanish -- gone! -- which can be a real bummer when it is proving a good game. There was a big update to Firefox recently, so I think it's the cause. It only seems to ever happen on the first game. Reload and it plays as normal. You aware of this? Anything I can do about it? Is it happening to others?

Robert said...

@Roger Keeling: I haven't heard of that happening before, but I'll load up the very latest version of firefox and see if I can get it to happen for me.

As for working around the issue in the mean time, try hiding the ad on the right (using the 'hide ad' link at top right corner after hand is dealt) just to ensure that it isn't causing any issues.

Roger Keeling said...


Thanks so much. Since I wrote, there's been at least one -- maybe a couple -- of Firefox updates. The "poof into thin air" shutdowns of Solitaire have stopped. Now Firefox itself just periodically crashes. Alas.

Thanks again!

-- Roger

Heather R said...

are you going to come up with some new deck designs soon? that would be great! love this game

Theda said...

Is there a pause button?

Robert said...

@Theda: There is no pause button at this time.

Anonymous said...

This site is really nice. So many things on the internet are advertised as free but two steps in and they're not!
You are such a talented and kind fellow to have created this. Many Thanks!

Naomi Wybrow said...

Hey Robert, I was once on your site a couple years back and I swear it said that you created a site for multi-player card games or something along the lines of that. Just wondering if that is a thing and if you could send the link perhaps?
By the way, love the updates, really awesome to be able to play games I had looked at and was confused by, and now able to play them. :)

Robert said...

@Naomi Wybrow: The multiplayer games are still available over at

Diane Fraser said...

Hi, Robert: I played World of Solitaire quite regularly, but since getting this new laptop (Dell touch screen, running Windows 8.1), I just get a white screen when I go to your World of Solitaire site. Do you have any suggestions I can try to get back to playing again? Thanks!

Robert said...

@Diane Fraser: I suggest installing a different web browser on your new PC and playing World of Solitaire with that.
I recommend using the web browser from Google, Chrome.
It loads all web sites super fast and plays World of Solitaire great.
You can download it here:

Firefox is also a great web browser and is available here: