Friday, September 14, 2007

New Feature! Plus something special!

Based on player requests, I've implemented a new feature! The options you pick (deck, background, options, etc) are now saved with your username.
This means that you can login to another computer and your options will automatically load.
This also allows multiple people to play on the same computer. Whenever you login your options will be loaded and whenever you change any options they will automatically be saved.

Well... that's the new feature... and now it's time for something special.
I've been working with several artists over the past few weeks and I'm pleased to say that coming very soon is a brand new deck! A deck hand drawn just for World of Solitaire!

Here is a sneak preview:

So stay tuned.

I also wanted to thank you all for commenting and on my blog posts and sending e-mails.
Player feedback is what keeps me motivated :)

I hope you all are enjoying playing! :)


Charles said...

Wow, that looks like a fantastic deck!

Something I've been wondering (and something that might make a good blog post): what's the motivation behind World of Solitaire? What got you started on such a project?

Anonymous said...

I've noticed a bug. On Safari (at least), you can't redeal in canfield, inspite of the redeal icon showing. I haven't tested others.

Charles said...

Hmm... I hadn't tried Canfield before, but I just gave it a shot with Firefox 2.0 on Win XP and encountered the same problem (no redeal).

Christine said...
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Christine said...

Thanks for this site! I'm rather addicted to it and have logged almost 36 hours of game time. I have a couple bugs to report:

1) Aces Up - Aces are supposed to be high but they are also being considered low and you can discard them when a 'higher' card is available which is bad.

2) This is an older bug you might have fixed by now, but on Pyramid (and maybe others) when you undo through a redeal of the base, it did not give me the redeal credit back to my limit of 3.

3) This is more of a "nice to have" but on some games (especially Forty Thieves) when there are multiple cards you can move to the foundations it picks the one to the left but instead it would be nice for me to be able to choose without having to undo all the moves and turn off "auto-play obvious". On a related note, on Klondike it would be nice for Auto-Play obvious to ONLY play cards that you don't need anymore. Example, don't auto-play the 3 of clubs to the foundation when I may need it to hold a red 2 later on.

Thanks again, this site rocks! :)

Robert said...


My main motivation is I felt I could do a good version and make people happy. It also has kept me busy and I've had a lot of fun :)

I gave an interview about the site, with some more reasons on why I did it. The interview can be found here: World of Solitaire Interview at Yahoo! User Interface Blog

Robert said...

@charles, @anonymous, @christine:

I've fixed the bug in Canfield that prevented you from redealing. Sorry about that.

Christine, I've also fixed the Aces Up bug along with the Pyramid bug.

Charles said...

Robert: Thanks for the link to the interview! It was great to get a closer look at what got you started on this project.