Sunday, February 28, 2010

Statistics Problems - Continued


So the changes I made earlier this month did not seem to fix the problem with statistics not recording correctly.

As of this morning I've implemented some more changes that should hopefully fix the problem.

The only visible change to you the player is that Global statistics are now updated just once a day instead of every 3 hours.

If after a few weeks with these changes, if it becomes clear that the statistics recording problem hasn't been fixed, I have another idea on what I can do but it will be a lot more work to implement so I want to see if it's absolutely necessary before beginning to work on it.

I hope that even with the slightly buggy statistics issue that you are all able to still have fun playing World of Solitaire :)


BellaJTam said...

I wasn't sure where to post this but there is a bug with dealing new cards. I play "Cruel (Trad. Redeal)" quite often and sometimes it doesn't properly deal them out and I have to refresh the page to load a new game. It freezes after dealing the 11th pile and all of the controls on the page refuse to work. I am using the latest Firefox. Only the links and the "Help" are functional at this point. Any help would be appreciated.

Camui said...

Off topic, but could you put in a pause button for the timer?

Anonymous said...

sometimes the game won't change for a different one. I like the Yukon 2 deck but it will only play the single deck. Suggestions?

Thank you for all you do.


polydyps said...

Robert, I'm sure you're aware of this, but the "statistics problem" continues, a fact I (and I suspect others) find extraordinarily frustrating. In "Solitaire," after all, you are by definition competing against yourself. Our single-minded goal is to see our "games won" percentage improve. But we can't accurately measure our progress!

Thus, while I ardently thank you for your labor of love (it's addicting), with equal urgency I ask, PLEASE, that you fix this problem.

Best regards,


Anonymous said...

I too have had the problem playing Cruel that BellaJTam posted. However I thank you for making this site available. Truly have enjoyed playing your games.

Wyerd1 said...

Klondike (one turn) will often record a 'win' as a 'loss'.
It is very frustrating but I still enjoy the play. Thanks for your efforts!

Joel said...

Hey, I know that this is a little off topic, but I was hoping that you could include touch events so that World of Solitaire would work on iPad. There is an article on this at that includes a script to link touch events to mouse events. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Is the world of solitare down? I have not been able to get the klondike solidare game.. is there another website... I love the game it is the best one I have found. I totally don't mind the small problems..

atomic1fire said...

While I don't actually expect you to fix this to happen anytime soon,
in Internet explorer 9 (including the latest platform preview) the Card moving doesn't work,
Trying to click and move a card is impossible, and it should probably work fine, considering you have excanvas and canvas.
I'm not completely sure about support, But IE9 does support canvas, and svg.
I don't know if that will change during the beta, but it might be something to look at later.

Filomena said...

This is a wonderful game thanks for your site just PLEASE PUT THE SOUND ON THE CARD!!!!!!!!!!
Thank you
Best Regards,


Filomena said...

Hello Robert

Great site, great game!

Can you please add sound to the cards!!!!

Thank you



Anonymous said...

Robert, I play only Double Klondike(turn 3). At present, I'm going backwards; I'm down over 70 games and I've probaly lost more a half dozen or so. I still play but you have to fix this or the statistics have no meaning.

MFTKathie said...

WHEN I began this evening, I had a scored of 97.94% for Spanish Patience, I won 7 games & now it shows a score of 97.59%, excuse ME? It should be 98.59% if anything!

autotech said...

i noticed this morning klondike one the cards flip by them self, just started this morning,, can you put it back the way it was , thank you

Robert said...

@autotech: The Auto Flip option has been restored and now should work just like it did before.