Thursday, October 28, 2010

Fixing Statistics Problems - Work has begun!

Several months ago I posted about how I hoped that some changes I made would fix the statistic recording problems on World of Solitaire.

Sadly it has not.

I wanted to let everyone know that I haven't forgot about the problems.

In fact, I have a solution that I am actively developing.

It will take the next several weeks for me to finish developing the solution and test it thoroughly.

This solution should fix the problems once and for all :)

I do not know if the solution will 'repair' any previously missed statistics or not but it will certainly ensure that all future statistics recording will work correctly.

I will post again when I'm closer to the date that the changes will go live.

In the mean time, I hope you all can continue to enjoy playing the games :)


Anonymous said...

Hi Mr. Shultz,

I am amazed that this game is free. Thank you. Good job. Sometimes my game just DISAPPEARS! Why is that?

I also don't finish games that will win, but play to win--is there anyway you'd have a "you already won" option for we who do not like to click home every last card?

Thanks, Marcia

Robert said...


Not sure what the disappearing game may be due to. That's weird.

As far as the 'already won' option, in the 'Options' menu there is an 'Auto Play When Won' option which will automatically play cards when it detects that you've won.

It can be smarter however which is something that's been on my to-do list for a long time.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Robert!

The disappearance is random, but often on a good game, unfortunately.. All the sudden the game just sucks up and rescinds, the picture literally suctioning out, growing small and returning to tiny window, which if I reclick to open, it serves instead a new game, so I lose the one in progress.

Thanks for the option advice. I play at night to unwind. Not a good player, either!

I have not donated to your work here, sorry. But offer my kudos on a fine site.



Anonymous said...

Fix IE9 support please.
I have changed the useragent to opera and then the drag and drop works fine.
Looks like this might be a User Agent problem.

Anonymous said...

I think the problem arises when the browser can't seem to contact the server at the end of a game. I always press the View Statistics button after a game, and occasionally it can't connect to the server and eventually times out. Inevitably, this will then be counted as a loss, even though I won the game.

I can't tell if the problem is that the server is overloaded, though it does tend to happen much more often during what I think is primetime for traffic. Regardless, I believe this is the source of the errors.

Anonymous said...

Hurry Robert,

I was proceeding just fine thn suddenly for the last two days every game I have won has been registered as a loss. Klondike.

Anonymous said...

Hey Robert!

I am a new user to this game that you created and am very grateful for an apportunity to play this game.

I am not a savy computer user so this may sound weird but how do you move cards from one place to another. I tried clicking and then draging (as in other games) but that does not seem to work. I am sure I am missing something easy, but HELP!


Anonymous said...


This game is awesome, mainly due to the smoothness and pretty looks. You should add keyboard shortcuts (for undo, etc.) and preferably full keyboard navigation when playing. Also, auto playing cards should be performed faster.

Also, why don't you add a paid version to the chrome web store (without ads) or make a free version without ads. The text in the bottom is also not so pretty.

I hope you can use the feedback. Nice work :-)

Anonymous said...

Hi Robert

Can you give us an update on the progress your making to fix the "Statictics Problem"?

Thanks, Bill