Sunday, February 7, 2010

Statistics Recording Problem

Hello World of Solitaire players.

For the past few weeks several users have reported issues about statistics not being recorded correctly.

Games that they've won not being saved and they were showing up as 'losses' in the Statistics.

This has been a very difficult problem to track down.

About 5 minutes ago I implemented a change to the server that I *hope* should solve this issue.

Sadly, games already played that were not recorded correctly are not able to be restored due to the glitch not recording that the game took place.

I hope that that my change should prevent stats from getting more messed up in the future.

Sorry again for the issues.


Anonymous said...

Sadly, your 'fix' has not worked, as I just had a win which was recorded as a loss!
This has happened often in the past 4-6 weeks. I've also seen players catapult to 100% 'highest pecentage won' for no apparent reason with hundreds of wins posted in an instant!
Luckily this is just a game.
Thanks for efforts!

Anonymous said...

no problem with scores but all of a sudden bear river has a line through the first second fourth and fifth column and the cards will not move looks like a programming problem if you can please fix asap i love this game

Robert said...

@Anonymous #2 (Bear River Problem): Try clearing your cache:
In Internet Explorer choose the menu Tools->Delete Browsing History and click the 'Delete files...' button.
In Firefox choose the menu Tools-> Clear Private Data. Ensure only 'Cache ' is selected and click OK.
In Safari choose the menu Edit->Empty Cache and click Empty

That should hopefully fix the issue you described.

David said...

I also can not complete a game. Cards won't flip or are just invisible. Don't know if others are having this same problem

Anonymous said...

I have tried to play so many of these games, but the rules are not helping me out atull. Better instructions would help so much. I love playing card games and this site is amazing and i love it, but i would love to be able to play more than two games. tthank you and please consider the effort of editing new and more beneficial instructions thank you. -Serenity

Anonymous said...

The guy that has reported that images are faded or are notmoving has happened while i played also. even with updates applied. I have tried everything that i can to fix this problem but it still occurs. -Serenity

Anonymous said...

I have noticed that if i do not WAIT a bit, my win got counted as a loss. if you click right away after :"You Win" and begin a new game, your win will probably be counted as a loss. I should have a 'win' statistic of 78%. instead, it is at 69%.
The other question i have is, having experienced several of these 'losses' until I realized that they were not being recorded,I find no way to erase everything and just start over. Can you provide a way to erase all statistics for a fresh start?
And finally,I have had the same UNSOLVABLE game show up such as twice in a row and wonder if your random program has too many nsolvables in it.

Thanks a lot, JVB

Anonymous said...

Right--10 months late with this comment, but I just found this part of the blog!

I've had the "hundreds of wins in an instant" happen to me. The lost statistics happen to "Hands Played" as well as "Hands Won." Say you have won 999 out of 1000 hands played: 99.90%. If your next win doesn't record, you will now be at 999/1001, or 99.80%.

BUT, if your win records and your "Hands Played" doesn't, you will now be at 1000/1000, or 100.00% "Hands Won." If the entire leaderboard is at or very near 100%, you will appear to have come out of nowhere.

If you keep on playing that game, random wins will record as losses, and things will even out.

Marjorie (Certhia)

Anonymous said...

Again, 10 months late, but Serenity has mentioned problems with the game directions.

Make sure you put your cursor over the "blue" words in the directions: Foundation, Tableau, Reserve, and so on. That will highlight the part of the game that is being explained. Discovering this cleared up a lot for me.

Marjorie (Certhia)

Anonymous said...


Robert said...


You can turn this off by going to 'Options' and selecting 'Do Not Auto Play'.

Also, I've just changed the default so it will only auto play when won.