Monday, May 19, 2014

Tutorial Videos

Hello everyone!

Wanted to let everyone know that I have added tutorial videos for each game.

This should make it a LOT easier to learn new solitaire games.

There are three ways you can watch the videos:

  1. In 'Solitaire->Select Game...' click on the game preview image that shows on the right hand side when selecting a game
  2. While playing a game, click on the blue question mark at the top right corner and then click on the image at the top
  3. Directly on YouTube:
I hope you find the videos useful and I hope you all continue to have fun playing :)

Monday, March 24, 2014

3 BILLION hands dealt! New game! New deck!

Some time yesterday the 3 billionth hand of solitaire was dealt! WOW!

To celebrate, a few minutes ago I added a new game to the site: Australian Patience.

Yesterday I added a new feature for Canfield, Royal Parade and Bear River. The 'hover' information at the bottom left will now show you which card to play next. This should be helpful as it can be easy to forget which cards comes next in those games.

I forgot to mention it before, but earlier this month I added a new deck: Elements

I truly hope everyone is having fun playing :)

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Touch support! iPad, Android, Surface!

Greetings everyone!

World of Solitaire now works on touch devices!

This includes iPad, iPhone, Android, Surface and other touch enabled tablets and phones.

Sorry about it being so long since my last update. Life has been pretty busy for me these past few years. I hope everyone is having fun playing and I hope you all continue to have fun :)