Sunday, February 28, 2010

Statistics Problems - Continued


So the changes I made earlier this month did not seem to fix the problem with statistics not recording correctly.

As of this morning I've implemented some more changes that should hopefully fix the problem.

The only visible change to you the player is that Global statistics are now updated just once a day instead of every 3 hours.

If after a few weeks with these changes, if it becomes clear that the statistics recording problem hasn't been fixed, I have another idea on what I can do but it will be a lot more work to implement so I want to see if it's absolutely necessary before beginning to work on it.

I hope that even with the slightly buggy statistics issue that you are all able to still have fun playing World of Solitaire :)

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Statistics Recording Problem

Hello World of Solitaire players.

For the past few weeks several users have reported issues about statistics not being recorded correctly.

Games that they've won not being saved and they were showing up as 'losses' in the Statistics.

This has been a very difficult problem to track down.

About 5 minutes ago I implemented a change to the server that I *hope* should solve this issue.

Sadly, games already played that were not recorded correctly are not able to be restored due to the glitch not recording that the game took place.

I hope that that my change should prevent stats from getting more messed up in the future.

Sorry again for the issues.