Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Touch support! iPad, Android, Surface!

Greetings everyone!

World of Solitaire now works on touch devices!

This includes iPad, iPhone, Android, Surface and other touch enabled tablets and phones.

Sorry about it being so long since my last update. Life has been pretty busy for me these past few years. I hope everyone is having fun playing and I hope you all continue to have fun :)


Al's Desk said...

Now it will not load on my desktop at all!

Robert said...

Hello Al

It's working ok for me here. Could you try clearing your web browser cache? Please e-mail me and we can figure out what might be wrong: robert@cosmicrealms.com

Robert said...


I just fixed the website, it was not loading for some, probably the same problem you saw. It should work for you now :)

Anonymous said...

Great to be playing again. No probs this end ('cos Jan 7 was my birthday!)

GracieStar said...

When I first played there were sound effects. They are gone now, but I would like them back. What can I do?

Robert said...


World of Solitaire has actually never had sound, so I'm not sure where you heard the sound effects at.

Some day I'd like to add sound effects, it's on my rather lengthy to-do list :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Robert! Thanks a million for the Solitaire games!
I have a recurring problem with Spider 2 suites (the only version I play). Every once in a while, during mid- or end game, clicking on the top left deck of cards fails to deal new cards. I have found no way to get it "unstuck". Reloading the page starts a new game. Using Firefox 27.0 Beta, windows 8.1. Hoping this may help you find the problem.

Robert said...

@Anonymous: Make sure your 'Zoom' setting is set to it's default. You can press Control-Zero to reset it to it's default state. That should hopefully fix it :)

DomMan99 said...

Hi Robert.
Touch support isn't working for me on my MS Surface. I play Klondike Turn Three. Is there something special I have to do?

Eden Knoller said...

TY for the games, Robert! Very sweet of you.

Robert said...


Hrm... it should be working. I also have an MS Surface and it's working ok for me on it. Do you know which web browser you are using? If visit (http://whatsmyuseragent.com/) and send me what your user agent string is, I can install the same browser and version on my surface to test it out and see what might be wrong.

quietstorm00 said...

Hey Robert,
Have Nexus 7 and can not get all 10 columns on the screen for Spider 1.
Any thoughts.

Robert said...


You are probably out of luck. Although I added touch support, I didn't optimize it for the smaller screen sizes, thus some games don't fit fully.

Right now I don't think there is anything you can do to work around the problem. It's something I need to fix one I get the time to do it.

Sorry I don't have better news for you.