Friday, February 15, 2008

Leaderboard Improvements

I wanted to let everyone know about some improvements I've just made to the Leaderboards.

Instead of showing multiple users in the Fewest Moves and Shortest Time To Win boards, it now only shows one entry for a user per board, their best entry. This allows lots of other people to compete for placement on the boards.

All global statistics, including the Leaderboards, now update every 10 minutes!
I think everyone agrees that this is much better than the previous 6 hour update delay.

I'm still working on the Timeline graphs. Those are currently are not going to show up at all or are out of date. I'll let you all know once I've fixed those as well (those may take a bit more time to correct).

That's it for this update... I hope you are all having fun :)


Pete said...

Hi Robert

I like the leaderboard and stats improvements. I noticed though on the Spider (2 suits) Number of Moves board that it shows BoredByPolitics against the wrong date for 114 moves - I wondered if this was sorting by username but putting the dates in the right place? BoredByPolitics should be the last one with 114 moves, i.e. 10 Jan 2008.

One bug that I've been meaning to mention regards when cards are dealt from the stack. In the Spider game, if a card lands such that it completes a King thru to Ace series, the cards are not autoplayed up to the foundation. The final card has to be played against another column, then moved back for it to register as complete. Obviously this adds 2 moves to the move count.

It doesn't happen very often, but when it does it's a pain :)


Anonymous said...

just wanted to say thanks for your site.

Robert said...


Thank you very much for the comment! Comments and e-mails from players keep me going :)

Anonymous said...

There must be a glitch in FreeCell that allows for manipulation of the number of moves being made. alexcassidy posted a fewest number of moves of 32, an impossible total. This score was removed. The same user then recently posted a lowest number of moves of 54, which is highly suspect.


Robert said...


I have fixed the Leaderboard dates. They are now correct.

Thank you for letting me know :)

As for the other bug you mention in the Spider game, I have added that to my To-Do list.

Anonymous said...

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