Monday, November 5, 2007

New Deck and another milestone!

When I first started World of Solitaire, I had no idea it would be so popular.

40 days after launching the site, 1 million hands had already been dealt.
34 days after that another million hands had been dealt.

Today I announce that on November 3, 2007 at 7:31PM that Anonymous user #233,297 was dealt the 3 millionth hand in a game of "Klondike (Turn One)"!
That's only 17 days since the 2 million mark!

I want to thank everyone for playing and I hope you are all having fun.

In celebration of this event I've updated the game with a new deck!
This deck is called 'Animals' and has a bit of a playful/cutesy theme.

I've also vastly improved the speed for viewing statistics. The trade off for this speed is that the Global and Leaderboard statistics are now only updated once every three hours.
Your personal statistics are still shown in real-time.

Over the past month or two I've also received some reports about the game not loading up correctly. The progress bar when you first load the game was getting stuck for some people which prevented them from being able to play. I've changed the way I preload the card images and I hope that this progress bar will no longer become stuck.
Let me know if anyone experiences any problems.

Enjoy playing! :)


Seth said...

Hi... ever since the update to the way stats are fetched, I can't see any global statistics. All leaderboard categories just say 'Data Not Available'. Has anyone else seen this? Note, this only happens in Firefox; using IE I can see stats. I deleted all my cookies and no change.

(Also I was only able to register using IE. I guess Firefox support isn't so good?)

Robert said...


Hrm... Firefox support for both the global statistics and registration should both work fine.

Could you try clearing your Firefox cache for me and let me know if it helps?

Choose Tools -> Clear Private Data.
Ensure only 'Cache' is selected and hit OK.

You can also e-mail me with the results or any other issues you may come across:

Olaya/Santiago - Chile said...

I love your nice Solitaire
Congratulatoions... and many thanks!

Jihiro said...

Hi! Lovely site, first off! One of my favorite solitaire games isn't here, though! Perhaps you haven't heard of it, it's called Diamond Solitaire (and perhaps also known as Clock Solitaire) because the cards are dealt into a diamond shape, with piles in the position of the numbers on a clock and one pile in the center of the clock, making 13 piles with 4 cards each (3 in the center pile, the fourth card is your "starter card") The 12 position on the clock is Aces, the next one going clockwise around is the Deuces and so on and so fourth all the way around to the 11'oclock position being Queens. The center pile is Kings (they are bad, by the way..) With your starter card in hand, you put it on it's proper pile (say it was a 6 of hearts, you place that in the 6's pile and pick up the top card in that pile, putting it to it's proper place. The game ends when you either finish all the cards (thats a win) or until you find all the Kings (thats a loss since you won't have a face-down card to continue play if you found all four Kings.) I hope this makes sense!!

Robert said...


I've implemented the game you described!

Check out 'Clock' which is now live on the site. Enjoy :)

Jihiro said...

Woo! Thank you very much! It works wonderfully. =)

Jihiro said...

Hmm, I may have spoken too soon! The game plays just fine until I loose, at which point I click "Deal New Cards" but the top-card on the center pile doesn't flip up. I need to refresh the page to play another hand. As a side note, I just won a hand and clicking Redeal there doesn't work either =S

Anonymous said...

I really like playing the clock decks but as someone else wrote I am also having trouble. Sometimes the center card does not flip up and so the game can't be played. Dealing a new deck does not work. When I stop and go back to start again on the site most of the time the cards are huge and too big for the screen. Sometimes though they come up just fine, but each time it have to leave the site and start up again before I get a new game.

Robert said...

I have fixed the bug with Clock where the center card was sometimes not flippable. Thanks for letting me know about the bug :)

Jihiro said...

Woo! Thank you! =) By the way, kudos to you for being so quick both in making the clock game and fixing it! Thank you again!

Anonymous said...

Hi Robert,

Discovered a month or so back and showed to my solitaire junkie wife who plays it every day until yesterday when the game stuck on the load meter not going past 0%.

I cleared her cache, rebooted, etc. but it still stuck at the load meter. I can play the game from another computer, so it's some flag or buffer in her browser. I guess I will deleted and re-install the Firefox browser and see what that does.